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Founded in 1987 by the deceased Ağa Ceylan, SIMENA HOTEL, within the incorporation of Ceylan Holding, have become a brand recognized resort by leading to other facilities in the sectors operating in Turkey and soon became a facility on international scale known for its successful tourism activities.

SIMENA HOTEL; have entered into tourism sector in 1989, in Kemer/ANTALYA within the incorporation of our company Ceytur – Ceylan Turizm İşletmeleri Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş, have incorporated Ceylan Inter-Continental Hotel İstanbul in 1995, then have continued to incorporate Ceylan Inter-Continental Resort and Simena Villas in Kemer/ANTALYA in 1998 and have become an important force in the sector by incorporating Simena Hotel in 1999 at last.

In its history started in 1989, Simena Hotel have hosted Governmental, State and Prime Ministerial-level statesmen of many countries around the world and presented the highest level of Turkish hospitality. These guests above include the statesmen in the politics of our country and the leaders of the leading organizations in the Turkish Industrial and Economics Sector.

Simena Villas and Simena Timeshare Villas within the incorporation of Simena Hotel have become a lodging facility that notable families in Turkey can lodge as a member in a short time and have become a preferred location for international time share vacation members through exchange in 1998 and have crowned their achievements with the Gold Crown award in Resorts Condominiums International (RCI) System in 1991. In a short time, they lead among other facilities in share vacation system in Turkey.

Since its opening, Simena Hotel have become one of the most leading facilities offered by tour guides and one of the most preferred facilities by the families with children, both for foreign and domestic guests due to the value it attaches to their professional colleagues, to children and family in accordance with the management policy of the management and employees.

They have a young and dynamic structure that always aims forward both in Turkey and in abroad, respects the nature and people with social responsibility awareness that based on quality objectives, constantly striving for new breakthroughs with its structure that does not break with ethical values.

In this process more than 30 years, SIMENA HOTEL, considering the future, have always used the most advanced technologies, taken the human values into consideration, respected the environmental sensitivity and prioritized the customer satisfaction and continued their action without compromising these policies.

As a result of Turkey’s transition to a free market economy and developments in the sector, they have pioneered the tourism of our country with the quality of service, customer satisfaction and using other developments and have enriched the Turkish Tourism and our economy by branding.

Even in times of ruthless competition, without compromising on quality and ethical values, we have come to these days by working hard to achieve the targets we’ve set with patience and determination and we continue to work with the same determination.

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